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Today’s most innovative and successful dentists across the country are choosing Dental Intelligence for their practice intelligence, finding new ways to improve their performance and opening insight to every member of their team. The following customer stories represent just a few of the unique ways practices are using Dental Intelligence and seeing incredible, even life changing results. To find out how we can help you, just drop a line at

“Dental Intelligence gives me access to real-time, actionable data from all areas of my practice. The quality of my life and ease of running my practice has never been better.”

Dr. Clyde Maxwell

“Our practice has made several changes for the better and have been able to achieve the level of profitability necessary in a much shorter time frame than we had set as our original goal.”

Dr. Amy Brown

“I also appreciate that they developed a budget that has taught me how to reliably bring home income, while also having funds for a motivating bonus system for my staff.”

Dr. Schrodi

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